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Natural Food Review: Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural

Japanese Rice Crackers are a healthier snack alternative than many deep fried or full fat snacks on the market such as donuts, chocolate and sweets. I was recently scouting around my cupboards for a snack to tide me over until dinner time. Chocolate would have really hit the spot, but I could not find any. That’s when I spotted my box of Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural. The 85g (3oz) box of crackers cost just $1.00 from Big Lots. While I was picking it out, I was already looking ahead to the time when I would be searching for a snack and I wanted to ensure that I also had a few healthy snacks in the cupboards, as well as chocolate and sweets.

Product Details

Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural are known as Senbei in the Japanese culture and are eaten as a snack. This product is oven baked and is a low fat food, which makes snack times guilt free as well. The Japanese Rice Crackers are made from rice flour, which makes them gluten free. The product details state that this product is also wheat free. However, as I was reading other portions of the product details, it stated that this product contains wheat. If you have an allergy to wheat, it is worth contacting the company to find out more.


Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural contains a tasty blend of sweet rice, seaweed, chili and Wasabi. But unlike some chili and Wasabi blends, I did not find this snack too hot. It was quite mild and I liked the crunchy texture. I did occasionally run into some Wasabi, but it was not very strong and hard to handle. I really liked the pieces of seaweed and the small pieces of rice balls.


Each 20g serving contains just 80 calories, 0.2g of saturated fat, 84mg of sodium, 1g of sugar and 2.2g of protein. This is a sensible choice to make when it comes to snacking, as the nutrition information shows that this is a low fat, low sodium snack.


I really enjoyed the taste, texture and I liked the price of Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural. This is a healthy snack that will not leave you with a guilty conscience. I would therefore highly recommend Japanese Rice Crackers by All Natural.

Further Details

To find out more about how to cook these rice crackers, and how to find the right rice cookers see