Month: May 2017

Are Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryers Worth the Money?

Before technology exerted its magical effect on the hair care industry, the only choices to make when selecting a blow dryer was how hot it needed to be and how expensive . These days there are blow dryers that make all sorts of claims above and beyond simply drying your hair. One group of blow dryers that have received a lot of publicity are ionic ceramic hair dryers. Should you abandon your standard hot air hair dryer and invest in an ionic one?

The manufacturers claim that ionic ceramic hair dryers offer advantages over traditional dryers that use dry heat to style your hair. These blow dryers use ionic technology which supposedly cuts down on drying time by over half and helps to smooth hair and reduce static and flyaways.

Do ionic ceramic hair dryers live up to their claims? Ionic hair dryers use the power of negative ions which reportedly have the ability to break up water molecules on the surface of the hair shaft into smaller components. Once broken, these downsized water molecules can evaporate more easily, effectively cutting down on drying time by as much as half. When Good Housekeeping tested one of these dryers, they found that it did cut drying time by around forty percent which could be a big advantage if you blowyou’re your hair before work in the morning.

The other main advantage that ionic ceramic hair dryers offer is less blow dryer related damage. This would make sense since you’re reducing drying time by up to half with use of one of these high tech blow dryers. The makers also claim that the use of an ionizer reduces dryness, frizziness, and flyaway hair related to static electricity. This would be particularly helpful if you live in a dry climate where flyaways are a problem due to the lack of moisture in the air. Although objective tests on whether ionic ceramic hair dryers reduce dry, flyaway hair aren’t available, many people report their hair feels smoother, shinier, and less prone to static when they turn the ionizer on.

Would an ionic ceramic hair dryer be a better choice than a conventional hair dryer? This would probably depend upon your hair type, how often you blow dry, and how much money you have to spend. Ionic ceramic hair dryers can range in price from $25.00 to over $100.00 depending upon their features. Is it worth the money? If you have a tendency towards dry, frizzy hair or are prone to flyaways, an ionic dryer may be just what you need to tame those frizzy flyaway hairs. Although there’s no hard scientific studies to support the claim that these dryers improve hair texture, the general consensus from various review sites is that they do. An ionic ceramic hair dryer may also be helpful if you want to reduce the time you spend drying your hair so you can catch a little more sleep in the morning.

The good news is ionic ceramic hair dryers aren’t prohibitively expensive and are taking over much of the blow dryer market share, gradually becoming the standard. This could mean the price will come down even more. By doing some cost comparisons on the internet, you may be able to come up with a great deal on one of these high tech dryers.